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Health and Wellness
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We’re very excited to have two wonderful Health & Wellness programs sponsored by the PTA.  First, we have our weekly Run Club organized by the Dad’s Club.  All Montair students may participate and we encourage families to come out and run with their students.  We keep track of student's laps and reward them with fun charms for their “Run Club” necklaces and awards along the way.

This year the Run Club will start with a Fall Season beginning on Wednesday, September 19th from 7:30-8:10a and will continue each Wednesday until October 30th.  The Spring Season will be from Wednesday, April 17th from 7:30-8:10a until May 20th. There will be no Run club on holidays or in wet or very cold weather.  This year we are continuing to use technology to track laps.  All runners MUST have a PTA Activity Waiver on file that will enable us to pre-print bar codes for each student. If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad and interested in tracking laps using an app, please check Run Club in the Volunteer Signup Section. 

Second, we have our Harvest of the Quarter program, where students learn about a new fruit or vegetable each quarter.  Our Harvest of the Quarter Chair selects a seasonal fruit or vegetable and gives our classroom parent volunteers ideas of how to introduce it to our children.  They bring in the fruit or vegetable along with a couple of different dishes with it.  Students love this program and often find they eat foods that they wouldn’t normally try.  

Please help us support these wonderful programs with a $10 donation per child.  This will help us to continue to bring these programs to Montair. 

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